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The India I Know And of Hinduism

Liberals in India appear to think that it is their birth right to bash the Hindus. Liberalism only entails criticising the majorities not to touch minorities remotely. It goes without saying that Indian minorities, most of them, were Hindus once upon a time…Once a Hindu gets converted, he becomes a minority. Whatever special privileges the minorities have will apply to him! The minorities have their personal laws, educational institutions, rights to promote, and propagate their religion, to uplift their language, to keep up their identity. The other countries recognise minorities on ethnicity.

Attacking majorities in India is easier than anywhere in the world. For the successive governments of the Congress have weakened and made them emasculated and incapable of intellectually defending themselves. The baiting of Hindu majorities of India is continually being done in other western countries also by our Indian diehard leftists, extreme secularists, and the academic fringe to the amusement of the intellectuals of those countries. The type of calumny they have been doing against Hindus, no civilized person on earth could ever do. About them, the less said, the better!

However, in India Hinduism still persists in its pristine form for two reasons. One, basically Indians are religious, and the other, an organisation like the RSS works for the cause. There is one caution—some media groups have been consistently trying to bring all and sundry so-called Hindu groups into one umbrella and whatever havoc they cause on Hindu name, they are covering the rot with a nomenclature of Hindu or ‘saffron terror’. They are promoting a dubious brand name, in all these cases. In any case, the miscreants should be booked as per the law of the land and punished. When terrorism has no religion, so also the criminality.